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Faith RyanTaught modules and training courses... The materials from our taught modules and training courses are available from our moodle site, our virtual learning environment.

Note: these moodle resources require registration and some are available only to subscribers.

Time to move on...Legislation and guidance... This webpage links to selected primary and secondary legislation and statutory guidance relevant to social work practice. We hope this is a useful resource. Please let us know if you find an error, omission or broken link!

Contact UsTweets... We tweet cases, law changes, blogs, journal articles and other useful social work law resources. You can use search terms to locate resources.

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SearchSearch... You can use this tool to search our website for useful resources.

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Regulation of Social WorkRegulation of social work... This webpage links to key resources relevant to the regulation of social work, including the Rules and Standards governing HCPC proceedings. It also includes a searchable database of all conduct decisions of the former GSCC.

Court casesCourt cases... Links to published court cases in which we were involved are available via our archive page.

BlogsBlogs... We blog regularly on issues of relevance to social work law, including commentary on important caselaw developments.

These blogs have appeared at (follow the hyperlinks): In due course, we hope to develop a searchable database of blogs.
ArchiveArchive... This is a webpage with other resources and links. Also on this page is a link to the internet archive, which you can use to search for webpages (on this or other sites) that existed in the past. Here you can find, for example:
  • published cases in which we have been involved
  • reports we have written
  • links to news stories involving us
  • other documents that are hosted on our website
  • the internet archive 
In the newsIn the news... Links to news stories in which we were involved are available via our archive page.

PublicationsPublications... This webpage links to articles we have written that have been published elsewhere.

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